Amazon and Google Ads – why arent they working

First things, if you are posting on a forum, facebook or wherever and asking why your amazon or google ads arent working, or why they cost so much and you dont give any specific information then any replies you get are totally random.

Watch out for people diagnosing your problem without having any data to do so. Look for this happening on adwords and amazon ads forums. Its like going to the doctor and saying you feel ill and without any further questions the doctor writes you a prescription. He might be right, maybe a lucky guess but more likely it is nonsense. Obviously you wouldnt accept such unqualified advice in real life, so ignore it on the internet.

All that said, here is my unqualifed and random advice..

Your marketing ads might not be working for you because :

  • Your product is naff
  • Your price is too high
  • Your product title is a stream of spammy keywords
  • Your description is spam
  • You have no description
  • Your description doesnt give enough or the right information
  • You have too much competition
  • The internet isnt ready to buy your product online yet and you need to raise awareness
  • If you bundled your product with an ebook to set yourself apart from the hundreds of others, give up now.

Its only once you have the right product at the right price that adwords are worth doing, and if you are doing them and getting no luck then its easily solvable. You dont need to pay an amazon ads expert from fivver (!) you can do it yourself.

Areas I work in

I cover all areas of ecommerce and local services. You do not need to live near me to use my services as work is done remotely.

For ecommerce websites that sell online I can help you to run a successful advertising campaign, one that makes you money and will get your website seen..

Local services websites can be very well performing when done correctly. I will help you to get your website seen for very little money. There will be no need to pay a monthly ransom to for visibility and phone calls.

This website is

This website is built on the wordpress platform and it is hosted in the UK on my super fast server.

This website is a simple ‘services’ website. The same sort of format is suitable for small businesses like local tradesmen. I can product a website like this for your business for under £200